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July 27, 2008

Country style ribs

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Usually I don’t like these, because 9 out of 10 times they turn out tough. But I found a recipe and improvised it a bit for Braised BBQ Country Style Ribs, and they turn out quite tender this way. Try it. Country style ribs, boned or boneless, are usually cheaply had this time of year.

4-5 lbs country style ribs
1 big can beer of your choice (dark ale works well)
5-6 smaller vidalia onions, peeled and quartered
5 cloves of garlic, sliced or minced
BBQ sauce of your choice

Brown ribs in skillet (approximately 7 minutes total time). Place in Dutch Oven or roaster with cover (or use foil to cover). Scatter onions and garlic. Pour beer over all, cover and cook 2.5 hours at 300.

Remove from oven, drain beer. Drench in your favorite bbq sauce and cook, uncovered, for 20-40 minutes more.

Very good


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  1. I’ve created a link to this post in the “Recipes” section of our newest “Cast Iron Around the Web” entry at http://www.cookingincastiron.com

    Comment by Rick Mansfield — August 18, 2008 @ 5:14 am

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